Sadowsky Metro Ultra Vintage 5

Sadowsky Metro Ultra-Vintage 70 model
Nickname: “Steroid”
Year: 2010
Body: Alder
Fingerboard: Morado with white binding & block inlays
Color: 3-Tone Sunburst with Tortoise pickguard
S/N: M4282

This bass was ordered from Sadowsky Guitars in New York City to complement my studio bass arsenal for the ‘typical Fender’ sound. This Ultra Vintage Sadowsky sounds like a “Fender on Steroids” to me, that’s where he got the nickname from.

Kay S-51

KAY S-51 “Chubby Jackson” model
Nickname: “Scarface”
Year: 1940
Color: brown tone
5-string Upright Bass
S/N: 6610

This Kay “S-51” upright bass was manufactured in 1940 and is one of only 660 5-string upright basses ever made in the entire history of the company from 1937 until 1969 (5-string upright basses were only built between 1938-1960).

This model was later advertised as the “Chubby Jackson model” (after a well known Jazz bassist who endorsed Kay basses between 1946-1969) and features an extremely low action, a carved scroll, an ebony fingerboard and a full bodied sound.

This bass was a gift from my better half and was sold to us by my good friend Benny Rod in 2009.

P.S.: The current picture shows the bass in its 4-string configuration with a homemade pickup solution which was changed back to its original 5-string configuration with a K&K Pickup system.

*** Updated Pictures will follow soon ***

Lakland Skyline 55-02 Standard

Lakland Skyline 55-02 Standard
Nickname: “Blackie”
Year: 2006
Color: black
S/N: 6077963

This electric bass replaces my US-made 55-94 on fly-dates.

It is a stock Skyline 55-02 Standard 5-string electric bass customized with the same Bartolini pre-amp and Bartolini MM-J pickups as my US-made 55-94.

Lakland Skyline Joe Osborn Signature 5

Lakland Skyline Joe Osborn Signature 5
Nickname: “Ossie”
Year: 2006
Color: three-tone sunburst
Lined Fretless
S/N: 6032966

This is a stock Lakland Skyline Joe Osborn Signature 5-string fretless electric bass featuring Lindy Fralin pickups and the J-Retro pre-amp.

Lakland 55-94 Deluxe

Lakland 55-94 Deluxe
Nickname: “Ole Red”
Year: 1999
Color: cherryburst
S/N: 5766

This bass has been one of my main basses since 1999. It has been used on most studio sessions between 1999 and 2010 that featured an electric bass and was also used in every live show during that time. To me, this is one of the best sounding bass guitars I have ever played – it rocks!

Lakland Body (cherryburst) with Bartolini MM-J pickups

Lakland US-made Headstock

BSX Mini Allegro 5

BSX Mini Allegro 5
Nickname: “Amy”
Year: 2004
Color: burgundy burst
Unlined Fretless

This electric upright bass has been with me since 2004. It was used on all studio sessions after 2004 that featured an upright bass (as well as Clay Farmer’s live record) and is also used in every live show that calls for an upright bass.

This is a custom built 5-string electric upright bass (35′ scale) based on their Mini Allegro model, with a quilt maple top featuring Dr. Thomastik Spirocore strings.

Thanks Dino for a wonderful instrument.

BSX Mini Allegro Body ( burgundy burst)

BSX Mini Allegro Headstock

Epiphone ElCapitan 5 Acoustic Bass

Epiphone ElCapitan 5 Acoustic Bass
Nickname: “El Capitan”
Year: 1999
Color: black with white binding
Unlined Fretless
S/N: S9805007

This bass has been used on many studio sessions to achieve fretless and upright bass like sounds (i.e. “Granny’s Song” on Clay Farmer’s self-titled first album). It is my favorite instrument to bring to guitar pulls, radio performances or acoustic jam-sessions. I have yet to find an acoustic bass guitar that sounds better than this bad boy.

Epiphone ElCapitan 5 Acoustic Bass Body

Epiphone ElCapitan 5 Acoustic Bass Headstock

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5
Year: 1989
Color: blueburst
S/N: 51374

This bass was a Christmas present from my parents and my wife in 1989 and has seen a lot of action during my ‘Longhorn’ and ‘The LONGHORN Band’ days. It was my main instrument between 1989 and 1999 and is still being used as my trusted backup instrument on tour.

Body with ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ decal

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5 Headstock

DeArmond Ashbory Bass

DeArmond Ashbory
Year: 2001
Color: black
S/N: KC00020768

This bass is very unique in the fact that it uses rubber strings to achieve a very authentic upright bass sound. According to my latest research DeArmond Ashbory basses are not in production anymore.

DeArmond Ashbory Body

DeArmond Ashbory Headstock (back)

Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass

Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass
Year: 1991
Color: copperburst
S/N: 0729

This bass was the preferred weapon on TV shows with ‘Longhorn’ and “The LONGHORN Band’ – obvious if you look at the name…. It is basically a copy of a Danelectro bass, made by Jerry Jones in Nashville, TN during the days before Danelectro came out with their own re-issues.

The whole band used to have Jerry Jones guitars (a Longhorn guitar, a Longhorn double-neck and my Longhorn bass) which looked very cool on TV (and on stage).

Jerry Jones Longhorn Body

Jerry Jones Longhorn Headstock