Darwin Macon – Long Time Coming

  1. This Ain't The Love Darwin Macon 4:15
  2. Don't Call Me Darwin Macon 3:45
  3. I Still Drink About Her Darwin Macon 3:08
  4. Getting Over You Darwin Macon 3:02
  5. Sheila Tequila Darwin Macon 3:29
  6. An Unwritable Song Darwin Macon 3:27

Artist: Darwin Macon
Album: Long Time Coming (2014)

Recording Studio: R/R Studio, Lake Jackson TX
Producer: Jason Rooks
Engineer: Jason Rooks

Session Musicians:
Jason Rooks – harmony vocals, guitars
Bobby Terry – electric & acoustic guitars
Jody Cameron – steel guitar
Allen Huff – piano & Hammond B3 organ
Joe DeLeon – drums & percussion
Robert DiBlanco – bass

DM album cover

Track Listing:
1) This Ain’t The Love (I Signed Up For) – (Darwin Macon, Brad Ward)
2) Don’t Call Me (Patrick Murphy)
3) I Still Drink About Her (Bobby Terry, Jason Sellers)
4) Getting Over You (Darwin Macon)
5) Sheila Tequila (Bobby Terry, Donnie Vondra)
6) An Unwritable Song (Jason Rooks)