Pro-Tip: In-Ear Monitors – Protect them from your sweat

For all you musicians that are using In-Ear Monitors (also known as Ear Molds), here is a great tip from my friend the “Queen of Earz”, Ms.Joy Bastow. If you have any questions related to in-ear monitors, you should visit her website and contact her; great products and superior customer service !

In order to protect your ear monitors from sweat getting onto the contact area between the molds and the cable you can seal the area at the end of your cable with Nail Hardener.

You want to put this stuff all round the spot where your cable sits on your earmold to protect sweat from getting in there. In order to get a real good seal it is recommended to apply 3-4 layers of hardener. It takes about 15 minutes for each layer to dry (before you can apply another layer).

The recommended brand is Sally Hansen ‘Hard As Nails’ (because of its viscosity – meaning it is thicker than others) and it can be purchased conveniently from Amazon:

I’ve done it to my in-ear monitors (as I sweat quite a bit) and have not had any issues after applying it (I did experience occasional dropouts in the past).

Hope this tips helps everybody maintain good monitors.

Stay tuned for more Pro-Tips,